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Monday, August 13, 2012

Favorite Things: Mrs. Wages Seasoning Mixes

It's no secret around these parts that I have really jumped into canning these past couple of years. I love preserving produce from our garden and making tasty treats for my family: spiced peaches, salsas, pizza sauces, applesauce, pickles ... and, of course, jams! Jessica's Pantry at the store is filled with a wide variety of my jams. But it's my basement shelves that see the true bounty. 

My not-so-secret weapon for preserving a flavorful harvest: Mrs. Wages seasoning mixes.  The easy-to-follow directions and flavorful seasonings take a lot of time and guesswork out of making fantastic canned goods.  Directions for immediate eating or preservation by refrigeration-only, freezing or canning are all provided on the package.  For the beginner like me, Mrs. Wages seasonings make things easier as you grow accustomed to the canning and preserving process. 

So far, I we have tried Mrs Wages Pizza Sauce, Medium Salsa, Spiced Peaches, and Refrigerator Pickles and my family has loved each!  I am a huge fan of the pizza sauce and made sure to can two batches this year since we ran out last year and I was bummed.

You can find the seasonings at your local grocer (for me, that's Meijers), right along with the plethora of canning products available this time of year.  Or, you can shop Mrs Wages online store.  Prices seem pretty comparable - especially when you consider shipping costs.  (Though if you go here and scroll to the bottom they do have some specials going on.)

Enjoy and happy harvesting (and preserving!).