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Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Cup O' Cactus

Feeling the winter blahs? I know I am! When summer is a distant memory, and spring seems be running away from you, it's time for a little indoor greenery.

Windowsill gardens are the perfect idea for a little mid-winter burst of cheerful green. You can make a variety of windowsill gardens, anything from spring bulbs, plant cuttings, herbs, cacti, small tropical plants, and more.

This year, I had a fun little project in mind involving some adorable ceramic measuring cups my mom had given me. I just knew they would be perfect to create a little windowsill garden vignette.

I think I was right. What do you think?

This is how I made it:

- a small, sturdy dish (teacups would be cute)
- potting soil
- small plants (I used succulents, see note)
- plastic containers to line, if desired (I used Gladware and tiny plastic cups)
- small stones

1. If you choose, cut your plastic liner to fit your dish, so that the top of it is flush with the rim of your dish.

2. If it is deep enough, place a few stones in the container to aid with drainage. If it's not deep enough, that's OK. Just be careful not to over-water).

3. Fill the container part-way with soil, place your plant inside, and then gently pack soil around the plant.

4. If you like, place small stones on top of the soil around the base of the plant. They can help cover the rim of your plastic liner if it is showing.

Here are some other great examples: Desert in a Box, and Plants for the Sill.

Note on plant choice: You can use a variety of house (tropical) plants or herbs for this project. The main consideration will be the size of your container. If the container is too small, you won't be able to find a plant small enough. I was able to make my plants fit in very small dishes because I choose to make a succulent (cactus) garden. Succulents have very shallow roots, which allows them to be placed in small, shallow pots.