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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Favorite Things: Meet My Very Good Friend Phil (odendron)

I thought it would be fun to do a series on my favorite things - plants, recipes, and otherwise.  To launch this series, I present to you my best bud Phil.

Phil is a philodendron tropical plant, or as I like to call it - a "No-Kill 'Um" plant. 

Which means -- just as it sounds -- it is very, very difficult to actually kill one of these hardy plants.  Outside of jade plants, philodendrons are the most fantastic, forgiving plants it has been my great pleasure to know. 

Not only can they survive in low light and with sporadic watering, they are fantastic climbers and prolific viners and it's quite fun to wrap their vining branches in and around your decor. 

Another fun thing you can do: snip a few philodendron vines and keep them in water indefinitely. They make lovely windowsill gardens or bookshelf decorations.

Trust me, novice and forgetful plant-keepers will find philodendren to be a fun and easy way to green up your living space. I hope you stop by Country Harvest Greenhouse and pick up your very own "No Kill 'Um" and give it a try!